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Anton Sword

ǀ USA ǀ Indie Electro-Pop ǀ Der New Yorker Geschichtenerzähler mit seiner funkelnden Musiklandschaft ǀ

ǀ Konzert 21:00 ǀ Eintritt Frei ǀ

“Interesting, musically subtle, tasteful, original, witty music...infectiously rhythmic and impossibly memorable. “

One day when he was a child in New York City Anton put his ear against a speaker in a dark apartment near the river and went into a trance. He had a long dream. When he woke up twenty years later his heart was permanently broken, but in a good way. Wanting to make a movie out of the turbulence in his mind, he found himself writing songs at the piano instead, blending Roxy Music's weird romance, John Lennon's psychedelic sincerity, J.S. Bach’s twining thought, and LCD Soundsystem’s wit with the pulsations deep in the city’s hidden core.
Over the past three years Sword’s songs have been brought to full power across New York City and Europe by Sword’s amazing band: drummer Kristin Mueller (also of Lucinda Black Bear and C. Gibbs Revue) guitarist Julian Maile, and bassist Chris Wilson (Love Spit Love, Lloyd Cole, Mabuses). The full band moves the sound into faster, louder areas, trading angst for dance. It's a good-looking band, but don't let that fool you--they all play their instruments expertly.
Sometimes Anton takes himself a little too seriously, but his melodies are beautiful, his lyrics usually interesting, and his beats cool, so forgive him. Girls are usually more enamored of his tunes than boys, but the boys are slowly being won over.
Two CDs, 2007’s ‘A Sentimental Education’ and 2010’s ‘City of Oblivion’ are available on iTunes and Amazon. The band is currently working on a new 5-song EP to be released in 2011.

“Dark and scintillating and full of texture...Anton Sword is a storyteller with an artist's ear for music, constructing these vast musical landscapes against which his bard’s tales are told...The musicianship is outstanding. “


Anton Sword ǀ Anybody Else ǀ The Glove ǀ

SUD | Burgweg 7 | CH-4058 Basel
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